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This contract is between Biscuit Biters, herein after referred to as "Sellers" and/or "Breeders" and ___________________________________________________________, herein after referred to as "Buyer."

In consideration of payment in full of the purchase price of Dollars ($______ ) by Buyer to Sellers, Sellers agrees to transfer to Buyer, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this contract, the ownership of Male/Female West Highland White Terrier, herein after referred to as the "Puppy" (regardless of age), from the mating of the sire and dam identified below.



Buyer’s Acknowledgment

Buyer, by signing this contract, acknowledges that he/she is aware that there are health problems that are not uncommon to the West Highland White Terrier breed. Some of these potential health problems are known to be genetic and the cause of others is unknown or is random in occurrence. Buyer further understands that the technology does not exist to predetermine the genetic outcome of any breeding as respects health, size, conformation or performance ability.

Breeders/Sellers have, to the best of their knowledge and ability, made a good faith effort to determine that the Puppy’s dam is free of inherited genetic disease, and has obtained like information on the sire to the extent available, and have made this information available to Buyer. Notwithstanding the efforts of Sellers, Buyer understands and acknowledges that Sellers can NOT predetermine the outcome of the breeding and therefore can make NO assurances that the Puppy will be free of inherited genetic or other disease, nor that the Puppy will meet Buyer’s expectations.


Buyer can pay deposit on Puppy in the amount of $_______ to reserve Puppy or pay for the puppy in full.  The deposit is non-refundable.  Please make sure that you are sure you want a puppy.  We do not issue refunds because you changed your mind.  Cash, U S Postal money orders (that come from the actual POST OFFICE)  made payable to Julie Anders, Credit/Debit Card, or Venmo payments are the only forms of payment we accept.  When you are picking up the puppy in person, cash for any balance due is the only form of payment accepted.  If you wish to pay with credit/debit card or Venmo for the balance, it must be paid in full 2 business days before the puppy is picked up.  If the puppy is being shipped, the balance must be paid 2 business days before the day of shipment by either Postal money order or Credit/Debit Cards.  If payment is made by Credit/Debit, a 3% convenience charge must be added.


As soon as is reasonably possible after the Puppy is fully weaned(6-8 weeks), Sellers will make the Puppy available to be picked up by Buyer.  Buyer shall be responsible for all shipping expenses which shall be paid in advance of shipping.

Puppy Health at Pickup/Shipping

Buyers will receive a vaccine/worming record with their pup, and have been advised the pup will continue to be at risk of Parvo and other illness until such a time as all the boosters for Parvo, Distemper, and other illnesses have been received.  We recommend that you limit exposure to outdoors until these boosters are received.  If you will be training your puppy to go outside for bathroom purposes, we recommend you properly treat the area you will be allowing them to go before bringing home the puppy or using puppy pads in the house until all boosters are received.  The puppy is raised inside our home and isn’t taken outside until you are given the puppy to limit exposure.  Our females are puppy pad trained.

Ownership of Puppy

Buyer agrees that Buyer will not sell, loan, or give the Puppy to any person or persons other than Sellers.

Sellers are under no obligation to refund any portion of the Purchase Price.  If the puppy is found to have a birth defect that will greatly shorten it's life or impact the quality of life, the seller will replace the puppy in accordance to the Health Warranty below.  Hernias are repairable and are not considered to shorten or impact quality of life.

If this puppy is being purchased for breeding purposes, buyer agrees not to sell puppies for less than the purchase price of this puppy.

Health Warranty:

Sellers warrant that if the Puppy should be afflicted with an inherited disease of the hips, elbows, eyes, or heart that renders the Puppy unable to perform reasonable activities. Sellers will replace the puppy subject to the following conditions:

1. Buyer notifies Sellers promptly after such condition is diagnosed and not later than the Puppy reaching 12 months of age.

2. Buyer provides Sellers with documentation of the inherited genetic disease;

3. The Puppy must not have been bred if a female or must not have allowed to sire a litter if a male;

4. The Puppy must have been maintained in good physical condition with good muscle tone through proper exercise, diet, and not allowed to become obese or dangerously thin.

5. The Puppy has received proper immunizations and monthly heart worm preventative.

6. The Puppy must be returned to Sellers along with the Puppy’s Registration properly signed, transferring ownership back to Sellers.

7.  The Puppy must be taken to a veterinarian at regular intervals as suggested by the veterinarian.  The Puppy's first vet visit must be within 3 business days pickup/delivery.

This guarantee is void if the buyer does not take the puppy to the vet within the 3 business day time frame.  They buyer will send an email or written letter to seller to be placed with the contract for this puppy’s file.

Buyer's Responsibility

Buyer agrees to conduct him/herself as a responsible dog owner.

Buyer agrees that Buyer is solely responsible for ALL costs and expenses of and related to the ownership of the Puppy including but not limited to feeding, veterinary care and training.  The Seller will not be held responsible for any veterinary costs associated with this puppy.  Veterinary care can be expensive and is considered a necessary part of dog ownership.  We recommend you interview several veterinarians so that you are not unaware of the fees that your veterinarian will charge you for any routine or emergency care your dog may need. 

We strongly recommend a lamb and rice formula or chicken and rice dog food for all West Highland White Terriers and this puppy specifically.

By signing of this Contract of Sale, Buyer accepts all conditions contained herein.


 Buyer: ________________________________ Date: ________________

Address & Email _____________________________________________



Phone ______________________________________________________



Seller: ________________________________ Date: ________________

2219 County Rd 1482, Cullman AL  35058, 256-531-6504



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