What about Choke collars, prong collars, Halo collars, etc?

I get this question a lot.  You really need training to use any of them.  Opinions vary and every site that has statistics available for the pros and cons of each collar has statistics in favor of their choice.  I personally would not use a prong collar.  You can follow this link and read up on it some.  Every puppy training class that you go to will advise you to use some form of a training collar.  Please, please, please remember that all three of these collars are for active training use.  If you are not training your dog, these collars should not be on him.  PERIOD.  These 3 types of collars are not to be used at the end of a tether or chain in the yard.  You can badly hurt your dog if you use these collars improperly.  As with other training tools, educate yourself.

What are common illnesses that Westies can have?

This link provides a good basic over view of westies and traits.  Some of the known illnesses and skin issues are addressed.  When making a decision about whether you are right for a westie or not, take into consideration how long they live, the conditions they may have, and their attitude among other things.  Most common westie ailments are not fatal.  Allergies are the most common.

House breaking

See my Crate Training page.


I recommend you talk to your vet for your state info on rabies.  On Parvo/Distemper, I recommend a series of 3 shots.  You can discuss all of these things with your vet.


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