We currently do not let anyone come to our farm to visit.  We take videos of the puppies weekly.  We have even did Face time chats before to reassure people that we are real.

When the puppy is ready to go to your home, we meet you some where public in Cullman with the puppy.  If you want us to meet you some where closer to you, we can arrange that also with a small gas fee.

I have photos of the parents on the site on the our dogs page.

The reasons I do not allow people to come all boil down to safety.  I do not know if the people who respond to my ads are coming to steal the dogs, to stake out my home and rob us, to kill us, or are weirdos looking for a new object to stalk.  Having a family and now grandchildren, it was a decision that Billy and I came to after a man showed up at our house at 11 PM with out calling first in a thunderstorm to see a puppy.  He banged on our door for over 30 minutes after I asked him to leave and only left after I called the police.

A breeder friend of mine had her home robbed and her security camera footage showed that it was a person who had came over to look at a puppy.  The police told her that he had answered several ads for many items for sale and had robbed 3 other homes that week and hurt one family's dog.

I know that there are many articles on how to know if a breeder is right for you that tell you that if I won't allow you into my home that you shouldn't buy from me.  And if that is your decision, I understand.  But I have been doing this for a long time.  I have people who have agreed to let others call them to get references.  I post pictures from past pups to my Facebook, Instagram, and this site.  I will talk to you for hours on the phone and answer multiple texts for information.  I try to be as transparent and open as possible with out a home visit.  That is where I draw the line.

You have no idea how hard it is to always have to be available for people to drop by.  We did that when we first began.  Our kids hated it.  People were rude to us.  One family let their 5 year old girl play in our toilet and laughed about it.  Also we had a family come by to see if their son had an allergy to westies.  He went into anaphylaxis shock and she still wanted to buy a puppy.

Also from time to time we have to tell people no.  Either they aren't ready for a puppy, or it just doesn't feel right, or they are criminals looking for bait dogs, for what ever reason, sometimes we just say no.  It is very awkward to tell them no, but to say no and get out, too, well it's never pretty. 

We want our dogs to go to families that will love them as much as we do.  That is why talk to our potential buyers to get a feel of them.  To make sure they understand the breed and are ready.

Every single time since we adopted this no visitation policy that we "made an exception" it has been regrettable.  So we don't make exceptions anymore.  And yet we still manage to sell our puppies to great people looking for a new member of their family.

Bottom line, if my letters of recommendation, past pictures, and guarantee aren't enough then I wish you luck finding your puppy some where else. 


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